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AI drug Company Noetik raises $14M in Seed Financing - Noetik Fundraising

This is an image describing Noetik's mission. Noetik is an AI-native biotechnology company aimed at using advanced AI methods to discover and develop cancer immunotherapies.

A CA-based AI drug discovery company has raised $14M in seed financing.

Noetik defines itself as an AI-native biotechnology company with a mission to use the power of AI to develop precision immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

DCVC led the Noetik Fundraising round

The round was led by DCVC, with Zetta Venture Partners, 11.2 Capital, Catalio Capital Management, Epic Ventures, Intermountain Ventures, North South Ventures, Chau Khuong and CJNV BioVentures, and Hummingbird VC following the suit.

Some prominent figures like Viswa Colluru (Enveda Biosciences Founder & CEO), Chris Gibson (Recursion CEO and CFO), and Michael Secora were also involved in Noetik fundraising

Noetik will use the funds for Technology Upgrade

The company will use the funds to generate to improve its capacity to move forward with its mission.

The listed use-cases of the funds are -

  1. Ramping up internal data generation.

  2. Continued development of transformer-based machine learning algorithms.

  3. Hirings & Team Expansion (Machine Learning Engineers, Computational biology & cancer immunology experts).

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